Best and Worst Foods For Healthy Teeth

I've always been a foodie and my love for food cannot be expressed in words.

I made the most of my college days trying out different cuisines from different restaurants not missing a single evening! Being a dentist i've studied all about tooth decay so here is a list of some of the best and worst foods for your teeth!



To all those cheese lovers, REJOICE! Cheese is great for your teeth as it's rich in calcium. It also increases the saliva production, thereby washing away bacteria from your mouth.

Tip: Don't want to stop eating your favourite cookies or crackers that are not good for your teeth?Add on some cheddar and you'll definitely reduce the destruction! ;)

Black Coffee

Drinking strong black coffee (unsweetened obviously) protects your teeth to a great extent by fighting plaque and reduces the need for fillings! However over drinking could stain your teeth so limit your consumption and you're good.


This is one of the best foods to have for healthy teeth as it works as a natural floss by cleaning between teeth. It also neutralises the bacteria on your teeth.

Leafy veggies (spinach, broccoli, kale)

These vegetables are super rich in calcium that builds your tooth enamel. They are also known to treat gum disease commonly seen in pregnant women.

Meats and Fatty fish (salmon, tofu)

Meats and fish are few of the most beneficial foods to improve oral health as they are highly rich in phosphorus (one of the most important mineral for protecting tooth enamel)

Water and Milk

These liquids require a special mention as they keep your saliva levels high and contain the highest minerals to help prevent plaque. SO STAY HYDRATED.


Chewing sugar free gums definitely improves the flow of saliva and helps fight decay as it contains xylitol. So might as well replace an unhealthy snack with sugar free gum to keep you munching! :)


Cavity-causing bacteria love an acidic mouth, and yogurt balances PH levels. This helps reduce harmful bacteria. It is rich in probiotics that helps protect against cavities and gum disease.

Sesame seeds

These are super rich in calcium and help scrubbing off plaque from your teeth.


Among all the acidic fruits out there pears are the ones that help neutralize acids in your mouth.


Soda/ Energy drinks/ Sport drinks

They are high in sugars and highly acidic that will eventually erode your teeth.

Chewy/ sticky candy

Consider your dental visits to increase a truckload, if you're eating candy. These are the worst foods for your teeth. Their high sugar content and sticky nature leads to excessive tooth decays and are the perfect snack for oral bacteria.

Tip: If you really can't stop having candy then try avoiding constant snacking throughout the day and instead have it during your meal thus reducing its frequency. Also, opt for chocolate instead of sticky candies.


It causes dehydration thereby decreasing the saliva and we know how important saliva is in washing away bacteria.

Potato chips

They are very starchy and starch sticks to your teeth causing bacteria to flourish.

Citrus fruits

Apart from the wide range of health benefits from citrus fruits, they may not be the best for your teeth as the acids can erode your teeth and cause decay.

White bread

Rich in carbs, sticks to your teeth and causes salivary enzymes to break down thereby converting starch to sugar.

Tip: eat whole wheat bread instead.


They are very harmful to your teeth, again because they're highly acidic.

Tip: have some water immediately after having pickles to minimize the acids.


For all the people who love chewing ice it's a definite no-no for your teeth as they can damage the outer layer (enamel) to a great extent.


Most crackers stick to your teeth and cause bacteria to flourish.

Tip: Rinse your mouth as soon as you eat to prevent decay.

Pigmented foods

Foods like berries, beet, soy sauce and tea can easily stain your teeth if you don't rinse after so make sure to rinse immediately to avoid those stains! :)

Now that you know which foods can damage your teeth and which ones are good for your teeth, it's time to reverse the dental damage.

Stay Happy and Floss Daily! ;)

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