Must-Have Kitchen Essentials!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Hello! Cooking can be really frustrating and laborious without the right tools. So here is a list of 12 must have kitchen essentials that can make your life a whole lot easier.

So go ahead and be a chef-on-a-budget and don't ever look back and think ''oh, i could've made that.''

1.Knives: If you're cooking you are gonna need a knife!

There are three basic knives that you'll need:

1 Chef's knife: a multi purpose knife used for mincing, slicing, chopping and what not.

2 Serrated knife: which is ideal for slicing through vegetables and a loaf of bread.

3 Paring knife: ideal for peeling fruits and for more intricate work like deveining a shrimp or cutting for garnishes!

However, if you're just starting to cook and you're on a budget a chefs knife will do just fine as you'll use it for 90% of your food prep.

I recommend the Messer chef knife!

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2.Measuring Spoons: There are certain ingredients that u just cant ''eyeball'' especially when you're gonna bake. So unless you're way too experienced or a professional you cant just guess the accurate amount of each ingredient without measuring spoons!

This set here sticks together so you don't ever have to worry about losing or misplacing a spoon!


3.Measuring cups: Again, a very crucial tool to ace almost any recipe! especially if you like to bake or are a newbie to cooking.

This meauring cup set makes measuring a whole lot convenient and efficient. so check it out!

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4.Cutting board: One of the most basic item in every household.

You'll need this everytime you cook so make sure you get a good, durable one, like this:

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5.Nonstick cookware set:

You'll end up using this a lot. For pan frying veggies, meat, eggs to making sauces and what not. This set of three is a perfect combo for multipurpose use with strong, sturdy and cool touch handles. Perfect for everyday use.

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6.Mixing bowls: Used for just about everything from mixing together salad or batters to storing left overs.

My pick would be this set of three glass bowls that wont absorb stains or odours.

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7.Whisk: While forks can also be used instead at times, whisks are absolutely essential for whisking together sauces, eggs, gravies and batters.

This set here includes not just a whisk but a vegetable masher and a deep fry strainer too.

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8.Tongs: This is a tool that is often over looked but is absolutely essential to flip over stuff and in general cooking without risk of burning yourself.

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9.Spatulas These are super useful in the kitchen. My pick would be this super flexible set that bends in such a way that it scrapes off every little thing from each corner!

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10.Colander: This is crucial for every kitchen for washing and draining vegetables, or draining pasta.

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11.Peeler: It can really speed up your time in peeling vegetables and fruits and is definitely a must have! I recommend the Victorinox swiss army peeler.

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12.Blender: Not only is a blender essential for grinding vegetables and fruits to make a smooth puree but also for blending ice-creams for milkshakes

So a good quality blender like this reasonable yet useful one is a necessary addition to your kitchen.

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Most of these items are a one off purchase so make sure to buy good quality products than cheap ones.

Now that your kitchen is set up, put on your aprons and start cookin'! :)

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